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Dear Greg,

Our daughter has undergone 15 months of chemo., radiation, Avastin, treatment for stage #1 breast cancer (no lymph nodes involved), breast surgically removed (3/4).  Her immune system is totally destroyed and she is having multiple infections.  What did you do nutritionally to build your body back up and restore its health??

Our daughter is a Christian as are we.  The doctors would not let her take any vitamins or good things for her body while in treatment, so we see what is now.  She says her skin is like elephants skin.  Any good cream suggestion?

Thanks and God Bless, Carol (her mom)

Dear Carol,

The first thing I need to say is that as I do not have access to your daughter’s medical records and, as I am not a medical doctor, I cannot accurately judge the situation.  Nor am I allowed by law to give medical advice.  However, I have been at this for 25 years and devote my every waking moment to coaching cancer patients.  And if everything is exactly as you have described it, Carol, here are my suggestions for your daughter’s consideration:

  1. I ask your daughter to come to the realization that she is dealing with a doctor(s) using treatment protocols from the 1980-90’s.  She has been treated with chemo and an experimental drug for which there is scant evidence of curing cancer.  At most, the medical research shows this protocol extends life a few months but at the cost of a compromised immune system and radically decreased quality of life.  Their only success is in advanced breast cancers, Stages III and IV.  Conversely, these and similar protocols have resulted in many, many breast cancer deaths not from the disease but from the treatment.  In my opinion, and provided the information you have given is accurate, that is where your daughter is moving right now.  Your daughter’s coming to this understanding is a requirement before she makes the changes suggested below.  If she does not, cannot or will not, then remain with the current doctors and make the most of each day.
  2. Once and if she understands her situation, I suggest she immediately sever all ties with the doctor and the medical group who has been treating her.  If, as you have stated, this was indeed a Stage I breast cancer diagnosis, she has been grossly, negligently, over-treated.  My suggestion of “firing” her doctor is perhaps the single most important action your daughter could take.  She needs medical guidance but not the sort of medical treatment she has been receiving.  Have your daughter ask for a copy of her medical records, including all scans.  Then run, don’t walk, away from these people.
  3. Retain the services of a highly-qualified Naturopathic Doctor (ND).  If you will tell me where your daughter lives, I can assist in locating one or more options.  If you wish to do your own research, start at Bastyr University, the world-leader in natural healing. .  Click on the Alumni section and you can locate graduates near where your daughter lives.  Short of a Bastyr graduate, I can assist with a referral through our global network.  I just need to know where she lives.  As you have noted, your daughter needs to have her immune system re-built.  Yes!  Do it.  Stop simply treating the illness.  Start creating wellness.  This is your daughter’s #1 priority and her best chance of survival.
  4. Obtain my book “Cancer: 50 Essential Things to Do.”  Start the nutritional program immediately—low fat, salt, sugar, whole grains and lots of pure water.  Start the nutritional supplement program today.  Increase the dosage of Vitamin D to 5,000 IU daily.  Do it.  This is an urgent recommendation.
  5. The most effective skin cream for breast cancer patients seeking post-radiation rehabilitation of the skin is Johnson’s Baby Cream.  Please note this is not the same as Johnson’s Baby Oil.  The cream is white, comes in a plastic tub and is the consistency of a heavy hand cream.  You may need to special order this through your local pharmacy.

Finally, invite your daughter to contact me directly.  Carol, I do appreciate your concern is genuine and your intentions are pure.  But you cannot get well, and stay well, for your daughter.  She must personally take charge and create wellness in all areas of her life.  Your daughter can email me or call me in the United States at (717) 545-7600, x-109.  I am in the Eastern time zone. 

In short, I believe your daughter needs to make radical changes—now.  The Cancer Recovery Group of charities can help her do so.  I wish you well.

Keep looking up,

Greg Anderson


Dear Greg,

I am a breast cancer survivor.  My journey started in Nov 2003, continuing with treatments.  My oncologist says that we are running out of options…using Western medicine.  I am familiar with your books and would like some advice.

Good Morning, Shelly,

First and foremost, a basic belief: you are not running out of options.  Your oncologist may be running out of options.  But you have many more available to you.  This is an important truth that needs to resonate deep inside you.  Believe it: there is much room for hope.

Second, most breast cancers respond to diet.  I suggest you make diet your primary recovery strategy.  Make the changes that make sense to you.  But do not impose a regimen that is difficult for you.  In the end, nutrition is not a problem, it’s a decision.

Third, are you a person of faith?  If so, take time each and every day to “become connected.”  Stop.  Relax.  Focus on God as you understand God.  Connect.  Each and every day I start by praying, “Heavenly Father, come again to live in my heart today.  Use me.  I am here for you.  Amen.”

Finally, become part of our tele-support group network.  Visit for details.

Take charge, even if it means relying less and less on your oncologist.  What you do makes a huge difference.  I wish you well.



Hi Greg,

I need some advice.  My wife has been diagnosed with Metastatic breast cancer with both bone and liver involved.  She has looked at treatment centers including Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Zion IL and MD Anderson in Houston TX.  She really likes the Cancer Treatment Center of America approach of complementary medicine therapies and conventional therapies.

She is afraid that MD Anderson does not offer complementary medicine therapies along with conventional so she is ready to write off MD Anderson based on that theory. I, on the other hand, believe that MD Anderson would be the best place since I personally know people that have had cancer treatment there with great results.  Could you please help me with this? 

Thanks, John


Difficult though it may be, you need to defer to your wife’s conviction. 

I know both of these places well.  They both do good work.  The advantage of MD Anderson is the research they do.  The advantage of CTCA is their holistic approach.

In the end, your wife’s belief is probably the deciding factor.  I encourage you to support her convictions, John.

Keep looking up,

Greg Anderson

Dear Greg,

I am a breast cancer survivor as of 2 weeks ago–I had a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction.  All of my pathology reports have turned out great. I have my post-check-up today day I’m sure that my doctor will have answers but I was wondering what your opinion is- shall I get an oncologist?  Is radiation or chemo necessary? Would it be appropriate to take hormone drugs?


Dear Jan,

Please, go see an oncologist.  So much of your follow-up depends on information you did not share here.  What stage is your breast cancer?  Did the sentinel lymph node prove positive or negative?  Chemo, radiation and hormone treatment depend on those answers.  A qualified oncologist can best review the options with you.

I wish you well.

Greg Anderson


My mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer March 27, 2009. She has just finished up her last chemo treatment and will start radiation in a few weeks, because of the location, the doctor told her it will be uncomfortable and for her to wear a bra at all times. I wanted to know if there was a special bra and ointment that I can get for my mother to make her as comfortable as possible.

Thank you, Tyra

Dear Tyra,

Check your Yellow pages for specialty stores that sell “breast prosthesis.”  There is a wide range of products available for your mother.

If you cannot locate one in your area, call Carol Coogle at The Special Woman Boutique in Indianapolis, IN, (317) 876-3770.  She is a certified prosthesis technician and ships all over the US.

We wish you and your mother well.

Greg Anderson

Dear Greg,

I was diagnosed with early breast cancer.  I had a lumpectomy and was told that the cancer had spread (nodes ok) to some of the surrounding tissue (4 out of 6 samples taken).  I’m in the process of getting additional opinions for treatment, because I was told by the oncologist that the only way to know if all the cancer was removed is by having additional surgery using hormone therapy first.  Is surgery the only way to determine if there is any cancer remaining?


Dear Janice,

Yes, surgery or tissue biopsy is the only way to definitively determine if there is cancer remaining.  However, if four of six samples tested positive, the question of remaining cancer has already been answered.  The question now is, “What do I do?” 

The typical follow-up to a lumpectomy that had suspicious remaining margins is mastectomy.  I assume the suggested hormone therapy would be tamoxifen or raloxifene, both standard, and you will probably need to be on one of these for the rest of your life.  This is the standard conventional medical approach in your situation. 

That said, if you are otherwise in good health and can stick to a very rigid and largely plant-based diet plus commit to an aggressive daily exercise program, you may consider this as an alternative to conventional treatments.  I am not suggesting this, I am simply making you aware of this less-invasive/toxic option which many women have tried prior to giving permission for a second surgery. 

Of course the diet/exercise program is wise whether you choose surgery or not.

Greg Anderson

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